Since I frequently travel to Stockholm for work, I got curious to see how big the carbon footprint actually is for each travel and what would be the best way to travel for the environment.

The answer below is presented by ChatGPT 4

Car Travel

Emissions: Approximately 90.09 kg of CO2
Assumptions: This calculation assumes an average fuel consumption of 6 liters per 100 km, with CO2 emissions of 2.31 kg per liter of gasoline.

Train Travel

Emissions: Approximately 19.5 kg of CO2
Assumptions: This estimate is based on the average emissions for electric trains in Europe, considering Scandinavia’s significant use of renewable energy sources.

Airplane Travel

Emissions: Approximately 71.5 kg of CO2
Assumptions: The figure is calculated based on average emissions of 90-120 grams of CO2 per passenger per kilometer, taking into account the high fuel use during takeoff and landing of short-haul flights.

Note: These values are based on average emissions and assumptions. The actual carbon footprint can vary depending on factors such as the specific vehicle or aircraft, its fuel efficiency, the number of passengers, and the source of electricity for trains.