After an hour long bus ride from Avilés to Soto de Luina, I got the walk started at 8.30 and that was mostly because of luck. At the breakfast table at the hotel Don Pedro I met Manuella that had walked all of the way from Munich to Avilés, and I just had to hear about that walk. She has walked since april and will finish in a couple of weeks in Santiago de Compostella. So I was late for the bus, there was a line at the ticket counter, so I frantically ran out looking for the bus and at “gate?” 9 or so there was another bus driver that took notice. He showed me where that bus was supposed to be, and then ran with me to the ticket counter and helped me get the ticket. Thereafter he showed me the bus luckily, because it did not have signs for any of the directions I was looking for. While on the bus I discovered that they sold me a ticket for the next bus because the one I was on was supposed have left at the time. The next bus would have been at 2.30 pm. So that was really really lucky. Thank you mr. spanish bus driver. thank you Alsa!

From early on I got lost in the woods because I misinterpreted a Camino sign, and got quite hike in the woods close to Soto de luina:

Back on the Camino route again:

And the I missed a turn and ended up on this incredible beach. Yes it was quite a walk up and down the mountain, but totally worth it. (including backpack):