28 KM was ahead of me. It was going to be late. I started out spending too much time doing laundry. Soon after doing laundry, I ran into Andrea and Susan that were eating breakfast at the cafe next door.

At the Oyambre park, I ran into Arthur, and we walked together to San Vinte de la Barquera, where we joined Meghan at a very nice local restaurant. After a joyful late lunch, I continued my walk. I think it was around 5 pm. So obviously it got late today. I kind of got lost after San Vinte, and had to take a bus for 4 or 5 km’s to Unquera. From there it would be a rather short walk to Colombres. Unfortunately the short walk was going up the mountain, and I was quite exhausted when I got there. Time for a beer and a rest, and then another 2.5 km’s before I finally arrived at Pension la Casa Abajo at 9 pm. Sore legs, but feeling good. I started not carrying the backpack too tight around my hips and that made the hip pain get much better.