The plan was to walk all the way to Mar. I had been staying at the Picos de Europa (50 Euros) in Santander, which I can recommend if you are looking for something cheap, but nice. It took me most of the day’s walk to get out of the city, I passed the Decathlon sports store on purpose on my way out and stocked up on a few very cheap items that I was missing.

Lunch at O’Dowells Sports Tavern
Moving on I arrived at O’Dowells Sports Tavern, Mopia at around noon and had a nice Ham, Cheese, and Egg toast sandwich. From the bar, I continued the walk along route 304 until I reached Boo de Pielagos.

Since my stomach did not feel well, and neither did my hips, knees, and ankles, I decided to take the train the rest of the way, since it was already needed to cross a river. 3 stops and I was in Mar where a hotel room at El Padron was waiting.

I arrived at 2.30 pm and the nice Spanish lady gave me the keys to room 205. (50 euros including breakfast).

Later in the afternoon, I had a pretty long walk (3 KM) to the supermarket where I met Meghan and Arthur from Wisconsin who I also met in Santander the day before, much to my surprise, since I had cut the trip short. Turns out that they are not fast walkers either.

It is now 9 pm as I write this, and it is pouring down outside. I really hope that it will be better tomorrow, or there will be no walking.