It was a beautiful day, the temperature was nice for the season (55 f), and I had planned to run together with my daughter and my wife at around noon. Noon came, and we agreed to postpone to 1 pm. My daughter was a little exhausted from a party the day before. 1 PM came, still no one is ready except for me.

Well, I need my run, so company or not, I am going. It is not because I am supposed to, or because, I have told people that I was going to do it. It is because I have to. My body needs it, I need it. It is like a drug, a drug that is actually healthy and excellent for you. Running just does it for me. It takes my tormented body and wakes it up, making it act 20 years younger. It is so relieving and healing for me. 

IMG_5323 IMG_5324