I had originally planned to participate in a race in the mountains in South San Francisco Saturday morning, but since I had trouble with my stomach, I deemed it to risky, since this would be in a pretty remote area, and I would definitely be one of the last contenders to finish. (If you are ever in SF, find DSE runners on the web they have an enjoyable race every week, usually on Sundays.
Anyway, my stomach felt better this morning, and I really thought it was time to do a good run. The run went well, I completed 10.3 KM (6.4 miles) in 1h 20m, usually I would be able to do this in 1h 7m on a training run, so the chemo and radiation is taking its toll, obviously. I have an Adidas watch that continuously shows my pulse, and this is a big help, since I have experienced that 145 bpm will always feel good, even on days where I am tired. Some days I will run slower, but still be in the 140 to 150 bpm range, and make sure not to over exhaust myself. I was very happy when I completed my run, this is small victory for me. At the very end I had a very minor pain in my hips.