I am a 54-year-old Danish American, currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I have been married to Trine from 1994 until 2019; together we have a son and a daughter. My son Mads (21), who is attending college and part time working at a software company as a developer,  and my daughter Ida (20) who is just finished high school, with a year in Korea as an exchange student before taking the last year of high school.

I love running; it is a big part of my life. 5K, 10K and half marathons. But sadly I am on a break that has lasted 2 years so far. My knees are acting up after a rather tough chemo in 2015-16.

Digital Marketing
I have worked with web and digital marketing for most of my career. I love programming as well, and I am currently focusing on Word Press Theme and plugin building. In the past I have been architecting, programming, and running larger ecommerce sites for enterprise companies. Currently I work for SmartRPA in the Copenhagen, Denmark area as a Sr. Architect and head of marketing.

Updated:  July 11th, 2019